Another boomer turns 50 every 7 seconds. There are 76.1 million Americans who fit the description as the baby boomers. The sociologists define those born between (and including) 1946 and 1964 as "baby boomers."

Baby boomers have reshaped what it means to grow older. Compared with their parents, boomers are healthier, better educated and living well into their 80s and beyond. The increasing lifespan has given boomers the chance to reinvent themselves and pursue new passions at any age.

As many baby boomers become empty nesters, they discover that they don't need all those extra bedrooms and bonus rooms once inhabited by their now-grown children.

Many are moving to smaller homes, others to condos that require less maintenance and upkeep, great for a population that wants to travel more.

Still others are choosing downtown loft living for its streamlined, retro feel. Whatever your preference, embrace the moment and enjoy the Baby Boomer Benefits.

Baby Boomers Information For Each State
We have included information for helping your elders.

Retiring Baby Boomers
Baby Boomer Bus Songs
Baby Boomer Travel
Safe Surfing on Social Network Websites
Scams and Phishing - Protecting Yourself From Them
Reverse Mortgages
Baby Boomer Health Issues
Elder Care Information
Social Security Information
Arizona Retirement Land
Living Trusts
Nostalgia Toys, Music, and Collectables
American Association of Baby Boomers
Diability and Aging
Food & Nutrition
Senior Legal Issues
Long Term Care
More Senior Links
Nursing Home and Assisted Living
Senior Organization
Seniors Information
Vision and Hearing
Prescription Drug Benefits
Veterans Affairs
Fire Safety
Contact Your Elected Officials
Recreation activities
Federal Government Forms
National Park Service - Golden Access Passport
Affordable Living Options
Buying Your Retirement Property and Homes
Contemplative Hiking
Baby Boomer Information By State
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