Boomers aren't waiting for retirement, we are traveling more, but often shorter vacations. We're looking for more enriching experiences in more exotic places. And we can travel without a lot of preparation.

Baby Boomers consider travel a necessity, not a luxury; and we traveled more than their predecessors; are time deprived; and like our creature comforts. We are willing to pay for luxury, expertise and convenience. Because as boomers we are interested in bettering ourselves, intellectually stimulating travel also holds appeal.

Boomers see themselves as forever young and still want to fulfill the dreams they had at 25 - even if their bodies aren't always willing or able. Boomers want to have fun although fun, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. Fun that is too difficult to obtain isn't fun at all. Boomers also want more interactivity in the travel experience, sightdoing vs. sightseeing.

What boomers definitely do not want is herding. To many boomers, group travel has the faint aroma of a cattle drive. Boomers like to associate with people like themselves.

When boomers travel, they want to do it right. They still look for a bargain, but a bargain to them means getting a good price on something of great value.
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