Grandparenting is an opportunity to play, to 'fall in love' again, and to appreciate the magic of a developing mind. The best grandparenting activities flow naturally from the interests of both the grandparents and the grandchildren.

Grandparents can share the things they're passionate about with a new audience; see the world in a new way through younger eyes; experience music, nature, reading, gardening, theater and other interests in conjunction with a curious young mind.

You can create a deep, loving relationship with your grandchildren by sharing the things you love with them, and by being available to hear about the ideas and activities that excite them. Take it easy together, one at a time attention for the grandchild in all types of activies including going outside, seeing the sights, playing board and card games, taking a trip, sharing your interests such as hobbies that you love, and communicate family history.

Modern grandchildren come in all ages, not just the smiling baby. They are in all stages of development--the "terrible twos," the cooperative and talkative 9-year-old, and the contrary teenage years. They are even "middle aged." Some people in their 40s still have grandparents living.

Rejoice in your grandchildren, it will help keep you young.

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